Facebook Beats Google in Time Sucking Contest

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Think about some of the great things you can do online these days: go shopping, conduct research, meet pedophiles… well maybe not that last one.  Anyway, according to comScore Inc. a recently conducted survey and data collection reveals that people wast more time farting around on Facebook than they do searching the Internet on Google.

Yep that’s right, 41.1 million minutes on Facebook versus a measly 39.8 million minutes spent on Google.  Yahoo slipped into third place with 37.7 million minutes.  I guess I’m just not doing my share for my wall.

Original article: http://skunkpost.com/news.sp?newsId=3155


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  • This is interesting! FB is my biggest time hog, followed by blog walking, then Google. My 7 year old has caught “google fever”. I actually love it… whenever he wants to know about something he goes right to google. Some topics he has looked up lately: biggest whale, poisonous frogs, tribes of Kenya, lego ideas, longest bridge, and more.

    I think it is so cool kids have google. Remember going to the library,using card catalogs and encyclopedias; wish I had google.
    Thanks for the post!

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