How the Internet Worked in 1995

Mosaic web browser yahooComputer Chronicles was one of the first computer shows.  On this episode, circa 1995, the host Stewart Cheifet introduced normal people to the Internet by talking about email and streaming video.  He shows you how to access the Internet via the largest provider at the time…CompuServe.

CompuServe was the first provider I ever used to access the Internet.  My dad had a subscription on his 8088 laptop computer with monochrome liquid crystal display.  Can you believe how open the Internet was?

For all you folks that were not alive in 1995 watch this video and find out why search engines like Google took over.  Just trying to find the information you need was a pain.  You’ll notice people talking about locating directories of links and saving bookmarks.  It was like a excruciatingly slow scavenger hunt.


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