Magical Stones

As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve recently had the fun of surgery.  As with any surgery there is inherent risk, and this was no exception.  The fun that I speak of is the fact that my first surgery didn’t go so well and required additional procedures.

One day I went to work as usual and some time in the afternoon my back and groin started hurting.  Sort-of like getting kicked in the nuts and stabbed in the back at the same time.  I couldn’t explain where it came from.  I tried walking it off, and various other methods until I called my wife.  She suggested I just go to the urgent care office and have it checked.  After a few checks I was given the “good” news that I might have a kidney stone.  After a CT scan later that day it was confirmed to be 6mm in diameter.

The treatment was shock wave lithotripsy which involve blasting ultrasound waves at the stone to break it up.  The procedure went fine, but the fun was only beginning as the pain was excruciating after the first procedure.  I stayed over night for observation where my blood pressure was around 180/110.  The solution was another procedure to place a stint in to drain the fluid from my kidney.  The stint immediately cause the pain to go down, but the stint coiled in my bladder was giving me pain and a nonstop urge to pee.

Weeks go by and x-rays happen to confirm the stone is still too big.  My third procedure is then to go in with an instrument and break it up with “frickin lasers.”  That procedure goes fine, but I find I need to have the stint in for at least a month.  That’s like having an angry leprechaun following you around punching your bladder repeatedly…to give you some perspective.

After the stint was removed, NOT A FUN PROCESS, I was given a clean bill-of-health.  The point I’d like to convey here is: DRINK WATER!  I’ve talked to women that had kidney stones and given birth and they said the stone was worse.  So just avoid this whole fiasco yourself and don’t drink as much soda, coffee, or tea and start chugging water.


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