Test Your Geek-ness

Leave it to someone on the Internet to come up with a geek test.  innergeek.us has a geek test that allows you to see just how geeky you really are.  I never realized it but there are several different levels of geek-dom.


  • Geekish Tendencies
  • Geek
  • Total Geek
  • Major Geek
  • Super Geek
  • Extreme Geek
  • Geek God
  • Dysfunctional Geek


I invite everyone who has a few minutes to kill to take the test and see just how geeky you are.  Infact I’m restoring a hard drive image right now (don’t ask) and took the test.  I am officially just a geek with a score of 22.5% on their scale.

i am a geek


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