Threw It On The Ground Diet

Threw It On The Ground

The wife and I were sitting in a restaurant last week and were discussing how to eat out on a diet.  We’ve been dieting for a couple of months now and things have been going pretty well.  I’ve lost around 30 lbs so far and Stacy has lost around 20!  We started talking about the easiest way to diet and the

Lonely Island song “Threw It On the Ground” pop into my head.  So here goes.

Are you tired of trying all the latest diet fads only to gain the weight back in a matter of months?  Would you like to order all the food you love and want from any restaurant and not gain a pound?  If you said yes to either of these then you need the Threw It On The Ground Diet!  Order anything you want, get free food from friends and family, or just snack on free samples.  The key is to just Throw It On The Ground!

Get some chocolate cake at a friends birthday party?  Throw It On The Ground!

Receive a free hot dog from a vendor? Throw It On The Ground!

Get offered a sugary drink from an new company? Throw It On the Ground!

 Fight the system and lose weight faster than you ever have before, guaranteed.


In case you want more Lonely Island: Turtleneck & Chain (Deluxe Version) – The Lonely Island


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