Battle of the Sexes Weight Loss Round

Over the years there have been a lot of battles between men and women. Some involving clothing, some involving tennis, and others involving war itself. I’m not talking about any of that nonsense, I’m talking about weight loss.  Last month the wife and I finally decided that we had to do something about our “Wedding Weight.” Yes the rumors are true you really to slowly grow fat together.

Now after several weeks on the Atkins diet we’ve both been losing some weight. There has been some cheating on the diet involved, but it was mostly smores over Labor day. I digress; what appears to be true is the that I’m able to lose weight faster that my wife. I’ve told her it’s not that big a deal but she still threatens to shove crackers down my thought at night.

Rather than resorting to such extremes, I hope, I decided to do some digging around online for possible reasons why she doesn’t lose weight as fast as I do. I found a nice article on WebMD that helps explain things.

One big difference between the sexes lies in food preferences, according to Katherine Tallmadge, RD, the author of Diet Simple. “Men love their meat, and women are attached to carbohydrates,” she says.

I can attest to this, my wife LOVES pasta. In fact we used to go to Olive Garden quite often, but as I’ve said before, “if you want something you sometimes have to sacrifice something else.” So out goes the pasta and in comes steak! Which wreaks  havoc on her digestive system; I’ll spare you the details. What the doctor in the article is trying to say is that it’s not all genetics that attributes to the differences in weight loss. In fact the majority factor is our brains. Men can look at getting fat as something that needs to be fixed… and we do it. Whereas women sometimes see just an extra pound as the end of the world.

Long story short; we’re trucking our way down to our ideal weights and we’re gonna stick to it!