Drip, Drip, Not Again!

Just when you think you have all the problems sorted out on your RV something else has to leak!  I found out the hard way that you should never install a faucet without hooking up the water and testing for leaks.  A while back I replaced the bathroom faucet and everything was hand tight like it should be, however it wasn’t until after we had the that I noticed the floor wet again!

At least we found out the sub-floor is plywood.

After pulling up the carpet in the bathroom we found the sub-floor to be wet.  It turns out the hot water line to the newly installed faucet wasn’t hooked up all the way phentermine without prescription and was dripping slowly.  What a mess; I finally got the leak stopped and turned the water back on.  Now I know exactly why my dad always says, “I hate plumbing!”