Drip, Drip, Not Again!

Just when you think you have all the problems sorted out on your RV something else has to leak!  I found out the hard way that you should never install a faucet without hooking up the water and testing for leaks.  A while back I replaced the bathroom faucet and everything was hand tight like it should be, however it wasn’t until after we had the that I noticed the floor wet again!

At least we found out the sub-floor is plywood.

After pulling up the carpet in the bathroom we found the sub-floor to be wet.  It turns out the hot water line to the newly installed faucet wasn’t hooked up all the way phentermine without prescription and was dripping slowly.  What a mess; I finally got the leak stopped and turned the water back on.  Now I know exactly why my dad always says, “I hate plumbing!”


Moving Day Is Here

After long and careful discussions with my wife we finally decided to move into our RV full time.  We’ve done most of the work, we’ve already got a contract on our house and have moved the majority of our stuff to storage.  I should say the remaining stuff, since we’ve unloaded a lot on craigslist and eBay.  What’s left in the house is due to be moved to the RV and we’re off to the KOA.

I can’t believe someone would even consider trying this!

Now I’m sure you’re thinking: “why would you ever want to live in a dumpy old RV?”  To that I would just introduce you to our rig whom we’ve dubbed “Chocolate Pony!”

More information to be coming as our moving adventure continues…