Just Let Your Soul Glow!

With the plethora of dating websites on the Internet today it’s often hard to find that special geeky someone.  Well look no further as has come to the rescue.  Tired penis enlargement of being alone on a Saturday night milling away in your parent’s basement?  Looking for that special someone who’s actually interested in your comic book collection?

The service is legit and was started by an old-school geek: Dino Andrade.  Although the webpage seems a bit crude and the interface is a little cheesy, I’d still recommend giving them a try.  After all I found my wife on …so dating websites can’t be all bad…right?


Dating a Nerd Will Rock Your World!

over on posted a great article on why dating a nerd is the best.  I suggest you check it out.  She explains the differences ??? between dating a nerd and dating one of those “pretty boys.”  She sights great reasons why any woman should give a nerd a chance.

Next, and this is a pg-13 article so I’ll put it delicately, they like to please their women and if they don’t know how, they will either research it or be eager to learn from you.

I will attest to all of the items on her list, even the special one listed above.  If I don’t know a solution I’ll find it.  I tell my wife all the time that I love solving problems.  Believe me, she does a good job of keeping my honey-do list full.

You can read her full article here:


Nerds in Love

Just when you thought the nerds of the world were going to be left out of the online dating scene, in comes .  This 100% phentermine free site offers nerd dating, social networking, personals, and chatting.  Hmmm…I wonder if the dorks have a site too?

Boldly eschewing the shackles of conventional popularity, Nerd Passions is a place to embrace your nerdiness.

Perhaps we shouldn’t embrace our nerdiness as much as this guy.