Facebook Beats Google in Time Sucking Contest

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Think about some of the great things you can do online these days: go shopping, conduct research, meet pedophiles… well maybe not that last one.  Anyway, according to comScore Inc. a recently conducted survey and data collection reveals that people wast more time farting around on Facebook than they do searching the Internet on Google.

Yep that’s right, 41.1 million minutes on Facebook versus a measly 39.8 million minutes spent on Google.  Yahoo slipped into third place with 37.7 million minutes.  I guess I’m just not doing my share for my wall.

Original article: http://skunkpost.com/news.sp?newsId=3155


Tiny Music Label Takes on Google and Microsoft

Little known music label Blue Destiny Records has filed suit against both Microsoft and Google for allegedly not removing links that violate ???? their copyright.  The label states that both giant companies “facilitated and enabled” the illegal distrobution of copyright material.

Microsoft has removed such links from Bing, their popular search engine, but is still not fully compliant.  Google however is said to be still linking to their material.  I find it interesting that it takes a law suit to get the attention of companies like Microsoft and Google.

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Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity

The smart folks at Google have created Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity or CADIE what they are calling the worlds first “artificial intelligence” task-array system.  CADIE was allowed to work for 45 seconds and analyzed the social web and quickly deduced this homepage.

I find it fascinating that Google could create such a marvel of programming, but it’s a little disturbing as well.  In the time CADIE was allowed to work it put together a blogspot and quickly joined the Panda Web Ring?  Watch out Terminator you will be destroyed by CADIE’s web panda!