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Psychologists say Children get in the way of a happy marriage

It’s no secret that having a kid can disrupt your marital bliss, but psychologists have done another study to find the same conclusions again.  In an eight year study, by a bunch ?????? of researchers with too many grants, researchers followed 200 couples from their wedding day.  The findings have been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

“Spouses who were the most romantic before the birth of their child found the transition to parenthood the most difficult” says A. Pawlowski at CNN.

Around 90%  of mothers and fathers saw at least some decreases in relationship satisfaction after they became parents, said Brian Doss, assistant psychology professor at Texas A&M University and one of the authors of the study.  They also found that childless couples weren’t all found to be in marital bliss either.

Go figure, this means reaserch has found once again that every situation is different and you need to treat your relationship in it’s own right.  Of course that doesn’t stop people from publishing more articles!

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Nerds in Love

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