New Way Discovered To Waste 3 Days Of Your Life

Let’s start with a trip back in time, back in 1982 when just about everyone was playing Asteroids, young Scott Safran, a 15 year old from the US set the world record of 41,336,440 points whilst playing a marathon session of the game.  Since then there have been a lot of people attempting to beat the record in a game that doesn’t allow pauses and, for the record, never actually ends.

Until now in 2010 has Safran?s record finally been beaten, this time by 41 year old (I’m guessing he’s not married) John McAllister in Portland.  Mr. McAllister now holds the world record with ???? 41,338,740 points.  He had to go without sleep for 3 days and time his bathroom breaks accordingly.  We can all sleep easier tonight know the Asteroids high score is still dominated by an American!