In The Home Stretch

I know it’s been a while since I blogged anything, but I’ve been busy.  I’ve been setting up my  company among other things.  Shameless plug: I’m providing domain registration, website shadowsocks hosting, and design services through my new hosting company . I digress; we’ve been working out the details of moving back into the condo since my tenant wanted out of their lease.  Things are all set to end this month.

Early November we’ll be busy moving out of the RV and back into the condo.  It’s really just a temporary situation for the winter since the opportunity came up and I wasn’t really looking forward to winterizing the RV. Maybe next year we’ll be able to score a newer RV with more slides and amenities, at least that’s the plan. Anyway I’ve got some boxes to get and we’ve got to start packing soon. Wish us luck!


Winter Cometh

Before you know it it’s going to be snowing outside. The trees are already changing colors and loosing their leaves around here. In preparation we had already got some heat tape to keep our water supply to the RV from freezing. The plan was set for insulating the area underneath the RV with bails of hay. Then I get an email from the tenants leasing my condo, “can we get out of our lease early?”

In order to spare you the excruciating details; we’ll be moving back into the condo for at least the winter. Other ideas have sprung to mind as well. Since the housing market around here is still pretty shadowsocks crappy we’ll just have to live there until we can find another tenant come spring. In fact it may turn out for the best if we can sell our existing RV and save money for a much better one next year. Wish us luck!


Drip, Drip, Not Again!

Just when you think you have all the problems sorted out on your RV something else has to leak!  I found out the hard way that you should never install a faucet without hooking up the water and testing for leaks.  A while back I replaced the bathroom faucet and everything was hand tight like it should be, however it wasn’t until after we had the that I noticed the floor wet again!

At least we found out the sub-floor is plywood.

After pulling up the carpet in the bathroom we found the sub-floor to be wet.  It turns out the hot water line to the newly installed faucet wasn’t hooked up all the way phentermine without prescription and was dripping slowly.  What a mess; I finally got the leak stopped and turned the water back on.  Now I know exactly why my dad always says, “I hate plumbing!”