The Skating Adventure Continues

We’ve been working so hard to learn how to roller skate and I’m still the only one to fall on my ass…twice now. It seems to help if you try things out on carpet first. One the of main issues we have is that the skates are to darn fast! In fact they slide out from under you if your just standing still. They just feel unnatural right now.

As you can tell from the picture below I’m not having much fun yet. Just when I start to get the hang of it I fall on my ass and give myself a headache. I’m sure I’ll just have to stick with it like I did when I was learning to snowboard. When I was snowboarding my ass really hurt and I had a headache, but at least I pushed my way through it and have been riding for years now. Wish me luck.

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The Skating Adventure Starts

My wife is very prone to…uh…we’ll call them “flights of fancy.” Every so often she’ll get an idea that pops into her head and she runs with it. We’ve talked about doing and buying all kinds of stuff in the past and the latest one is roller skates. We dug around a while and found an entire subculture of roller skating. Inline versus traditional or even a new one called Quadline skates, we checked them all out. After much discussion we decided to make our purchase.

After our research sessions we decided to go with Quadline skates. They have much bigger diameter wheels and can be set further apart. This translates to better stability. This will come in handy since I haven’t tried skating since I was 12! We scored a pretty good deal from and they are due to arive today. Wish us luck…we’ll need it!

I’ll post some updates on how things are progressing. ?