Water Water Everywhere

After the wonderful fiasco with the ice maker in the fridge we had yet another incident last night. In an effort to test out the washer/dryer we decided to run a simple wash cycle with no clothes. After reading the manual to figure out which spot to put the detergent (B, A, or C) we started the cycle. I checked on the machine a couple of times just to see if there were any leaks around the supply lines or drain. About 15 minutes passed when I went to go check on it again and to my amazement water was shooting up out of the drain in the shower all over the bathroom floor!

Stacy and I scrambled around like a couple of chickens with our heads cut of and I eventually got outside to hook up the sewer line and open the valve on the gray-water tank. That was the fastest hook-up manuver I’ve ever seen. Oh, did I mention it was about 40 degrees out and starting to rain?  I was not the happiest camper in the world after that.

We managed to use up every flippin’ towel we had available to soak up the water.  We’ll be doing more damage assessment today to see what down below got soaked.  Here’s the lesson learned in all of this: ALWAYS CHECK THE WASTEWATER TANK LEVELS OFTEN!  Had I checked the gray-water tank level after I took my shower I probably would have emptied it before starting the wash cycle.

Just another pearl of wisdom from our RV adventure.