Wifey finally made it….

Yes, I finally managed to log in.  My husband created this site so I could blog about his nerdyness and has been hounding me to share my thoughts since day one.  Although, I think he kind of took it over as his side project.  I have to say, overall he hides his geek pretty well.  In fact he’s more of a realist.  Every once in a while though, he let’s his guard down and names off some techno-babble that only those in his serious circle would understand.

We’re coming up on our one year anniversary next month and I have to say, he continues to impress me everyday with his wit and charm.  And I’m not saying that because I have to.  ?  I just think it’s so amazing how our thought processes are completely different, but we both manage to come to the same conclusion.  We both compliment each other extremely well.


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